How are the tests

Sampling procedure

Both the periodontal bacterial and genetic tests are performed by drawing the crevicular fluid (gum) colonized by bacteria and epithelial cells.

Specimen collection is quick for the operator and painless for the patient.

Operating Procedure

1. Sampling

Insert a sterile paper cone (minimum diameter 60) in the periodontal or peri-implant pocket for at least 30 seconds and put it back in the tube.

Repeat the procedure in order to have a minimum of two paper cones for tubes (4 pqpres tips in 2 tubes); close the tube and place it inside the plastic bag.


2. Compilation references

Fill the adhesive label with the reference of the Applicant, a patient code, the email to send test result, the billing information. Tick the type of test.

3. Payment

Pay by bank transfer to:

Intesa Sanpaolo – Casalecchio di Reno (BO)

IBAN IT54 I030 6918 5191 0000 0003 405

Specify Applicant and the patient code.

4. How to prepare the material to be shipped

Store in an envelope:

(A) Filled label.
(B) Tubes with paper cones
(C) a copy of transfer receipt

Attach the sticker with LAB address and mail the envelope.

Test results

Test results will be sent by e-mail to dentist.